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This is a combination F.A.Q. and comments/suggestions post that will attempt to answer questions that you have about hogwarts_battle. Since participating in hogwarts_battle will earn you points and knuts at hogwartsishome, there is a section detailing how this system works, so that everyone who has questions about it can find answers right away.


What is a LIMS?

LIMS stands for Last Icon Maker Standing. LIMS is a weekly elimination icon competition (icontest) that goes on until there is only one icon maker left "standing". Think: American Idol for icons.

What is a battle-style LIMS?

Battle-style LIMS icontests are run slightly differently. In battle-style LIMS, each participant must also register for the round as a specific character for anonymity throughout the entire Round. No one will know who the other icon makers are until the very end of the round, when winners and the participants are revealed by the moderators.

How is this battle-style LIMS run differently from others?

In some traditional battle-style LIMS, icon makers only make icons of the character they have chosen to represent them. We implemented this system in Round #001, but have decided to preserve only the anonymity aspect for future Rounds.

Also in some traditional battle-style LIMS, elimination is affected by overall points accrued over the course of the Round, but our elimination method follows normal LIMS methods. We also do not provide a storyline for you. We apologize for those of you who enjoy the accrued-points method of ranking and elimination, but please understand that since we must keep track of points for hogwartsishome, we find it overly complex to maintain two simultaneous points systems.

Due to our frustration with unfair results, beginning in Round #005 we will be implementing a traditional battle-style accrued-points method of ranking and elimination.

How does Registration work?

Registration occurs during sign-up, at the beginning of the Round.

During Registration, you will request a character to represent you for the entire round. Character requests are accepted on a 'First Come First Served' basis, therefore you will need to provide up to three characters who you would wish to represent you in case your first choice has already been taken.

Do NOT complain if your favorite character has already been claimed, as we will not re-allocate characters from other players. J.K. Rowling has created hundreds (if not thousands) of characters for you to choose from, and you will have another chance at getting another character in future Rounds.

How do I promote?

Promotion is great for spreading the word about the community and getting more people to join in the fun. As a thanks to you for promoting, we'll give you a bonus skip to use during the round.

To promote, simply visit the promotion post and select an image you'd like to use for the promotion. Underneath the image will be two text-boxes, one with html code and one with BBCode (for forums). Select the coding you need for the site where you'll be promoting (Livejournal uses html code), select all of the text in the appropriate box (use Crtl+A), and then paste the code into a post, all ready to go!

How can I make sure I get credit for my bonus skip?

To claim your bonus skip, you'll have to tell us that you've promoted (unfortunately, we don't have ESP). Copy the URL of the place where you posted the promotion (so we can check), then paste it into a comment to the promotion post and add your name and the character as whom you are registered for the current round. When your claim has been processed, you'll get a reply comment as to that effect.

What if the place where I promoted is friends-only, members-only, or otherwise locked?

In the case that we would not have the proper permissions to be able to view your promotion, please screencap the promotion and upload the image to a suitable imagehost, then paste a link to the image in your comment when you claim your bonus skip, along with your name and character, and your House if you are a registered member of hogwartsishome.

Where can I post a promotion?

Please only post the promotion in a place you are allowed to post such things. We don't want you getting in trouble for helping us out!

The following types of sites are preferred: personal graphics journals/communities, group graphics journals/communities, Harry Potter communities, Harry Potter forums, personal journals, promotions communities, icontest communities, related-interest forums, or other high-traffic areas.

Please try to post things where people will see them. Do not post promotions in your journal userinfo or the userinfo of a community. Do not post promotions in the 'friends only' post of a journal or community. This defeats the purpose of promotion!

Can I promote more than once?

Absolutely! Please promote as many times as you'd like (without spamming anyone, though, please). However, you will only receive one bonus skip.

I don't want to post a promotion, really. Is there another way to earn a bonus skip?

Yes. You can also earn a bonus skip by making a graphic for promotion purposes. Please be sure the graphic is Harry Potter-themed and contains the name of the community and a description, along the lines of what we have now.

To claim your skip, upload the image to tinypic.com, then paste a link to the image in a comment to the promotion post, along with your name and character, and your House if you are a registered member of hogwartsishome.

Once the round is over, you will receive maker credit for the graphic at the bottom of the promotions post.


Where do icon-makers get their images?

In many basic LIMS, images are usually provided. However, due to the nature of battle-style LIMS, each participant will need to find their own images to use for challenges, unless otherwise specified. We will do quite a few provided-image themes.

What kinds of images can be used?

You may use official art, movie stills, movie caps, movie posters, and book art. Images of the actors may only be used if they are in their Harry Potter roles. Fan casting and non-HP actors may not be used.

Can I use fan art for my icons?

Fan art will not be permitted as some fan artists do not allow their work to be used for graphics, and asking for permission could compromise anonymity.

Do I need to make icons only of my chosen character?

No. Your chosen character is merely to represent you throughout the round. You may use any character from the Harry Potter universe for your graphics.

If the character is uncommon and we only have a few images, can we reuse them?

You may reuse images from week to week, but please make fresh icons each time (do not reuse old icons). Remember that you can use any character from the series in your icons.

How do I submit my icons?

Upload your icon to an anonymous imagehost, then follow the instructions in the submission post.

What do you mean by an anonymous imagehost?

We mean an imagehost to which your name/username is not connected, or from which your name/username cannot be linked.

It's fine if your name/username is in the site or the icon URL; we download and reupload all of the icons to a personal site for voting hosting. However, we insist that the icons not be public when you upload them, or shared afterwards. This is to preserve anonymity. If you continue to upload your icon submissions to imagehosts which we prohibit, you will be disqualified from the round and you will not receive points or knuts.

Here is a list of common imagehosts and our decisions regarding them:

Livejournal hosting: PROHIBITED. These images are public on your livejournal account and can be viewed by anyone.

Livejournal userpics: PROHIBITED. We shouldn't even need to explain this.

Other social networking sites, such as MySpace and Facebook: PROHIBITED. We shouldn't even need to explain this.

PhotoBucket: ALLOWED if the album to which you have uploaded your icons is locked, regardless of whether or not the URL contains your livejournal name.

Imageshack: ALLOWED.

Tinypic: ALLOWED.

Personal websites: ALLOWED if the directory to which you have uploaded your icons is not public. Be sure to change permissions on the folder.

NOTE: You do not need to have an account on Tinypic or Imageshack to upload images.

Can I cross-submit icons to other icontest communities?

No, you may not. This is not only disallowed by a long-standing rule in icontests in general, but cross-submission compromises anonymity. Furthermore, if you cross-submitted to another HiH affiliate, you would thereby earn points more than once for the submission. If you cross-submit your icons, you will be completely disqualified from the current Round and will not receive points or knuts.

Can I share my icons after each challenge?

Absolutely not. You must wait until the end of the Round, after all winners and participants have been revealed by the moderators. If you share your icons anywhere on the Internet before the end of the round, you will be disqualified from the current Round and will not receive points or knuts.

How does voting work?

Voting in LIMS icontests is not easy, but it is rewarding not only for icon makers to receive proper critiques on their icons, but for the voters to hone their skills in critiquing. Please see this comprehensive voting tutorial to see how we expect you to vote here. Improper or invalid votes will be disqualified and will not be used in the results.

How does the ranking and elimination system work?

When the icon-points tally (formerly: points tally) is announced in the results post at the end of a Challenge, each iconmaker thereby accrues a certain number of potter-points, which are the overall points gained or lost over the course of the round. Icon-points are only for the specific icon in that Challenge, but potter-points are cumulative over the course of the Round. Each iconmaker begins the round with 1 potter-point.

The following values are discrete and additive:

• The icons with the top 25% (rounded up) icon-points will receive +1 potter-points.

• The icons with the bottom 25% (rounded up) icon points will receive -1 potter-points.

• The icon with the most positive votes (people's choice) will receive +2 potter-points.

• The icon that the mods liked the best (mods' choice) will receive +1 potter-points.

• The icon that has the most negative votes will receive -1 potter-points.

No iconmakers will be eliminated until the end of Challenge #03. At this point, the bottom-ranked 15% or so (to a certain point) iconmakers, based on potter-points, will be eliminated. This will then occur each week until the final challenge.

Each iconmaker's rankings and current potter-points will be announced with results, so you will know where you stand at any given place in the round.

I used a skip this Challenge, why am I still in the ranking section??

The rankings are for the entire Round. When you use a skip, you do not accrue any icon-points in the Challenge, and therefore automatically take ZERO potter-points as well. Your overall ranking reflects this.


What do the abbreviations next to the deadline times mean?

The abbreviations indicate the time zone of the deadline time, so that there is no confusion.

xerox_kitty lives in the United Kingdom, and will therefore be posting either in Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) or British Summer Time (BST). xenylamine lives on the East Coast of the United States, which means that either she will be posting in Eastern Standard Time (EST) or Eastern Daylight Time (EDT).

What are those time zones?

GMT is the standard time from which the other times deviate.

BST is GMT+1, and will be used during the UK's Daylight Saving Time.

EST is GMT-5.

EDT is GMT-4. EDT is one hour ahead of EST, so the analogy is EST+1. This will be used during the US' Daylight Saving Time.

When is Daylight Saving Time?

In the United States, Daylight Saving Time (DST) starts on the second Sunday of March and ends on the first Sunday of November, with all time changes taking place at 02:00 local time. The clocks are moved ahead one hour in March, and moved back one hour in November.

In the United Kingdom, British Summer Time (BST) starts on the last Sunday in March and ends on the last Sunday in October, with all time changes taking place at 01:00 GMT. The clocks are moved ahead one hour in March, and moved back one hour in October.

I still don't understand! or I don't know which time zone I'm in!

The following website may be helpful to you: Time Zone Check

Consider the time for New York City as xenylamine's time, and the time for London as xerox_kitty's time.


What is hogwartsishome?

hogwartsishome is a Harry Potter sorting community that features tons of contests, debates, in-house activities, and member-exclusive contest communities.

How do I get sorted at hogwartsishome?

It's easy! Join platform_934 and post an application, which is found in the profile. Remember to tell them you heard about it from us!

I'm not a sorted member of hogwartsishome, can I still enter this icontest?

Of course! You do not have to be a sorted member of hogwartsishome to participate here.

I'm not a sorted member of hogwartsishome, can I still tell you what house I'm in?

If you're not a sorted member, then you are not in a house at hogwartsishome, and you cannot earn points for a house. You must join before you may earn points here.


How do I earn points and knuts for my house?

You must be a sorted member of hogwartsishome, and you must remember to sign all of your comments with your name and house. This includes your sign-up and registration comment, your icon submission comments, and your voting comments. If you do not sign with your name and house, you may not earn points and knuts.

How many points and knuts can I earn?

You will receive:

• 10 points and 5 knuts for submitting an icon to a challenge;

• 20 points and 5 knuts for winning People's Choice in a challenge;

• 10 points for winning Moderators' Choice in a challenge;

• 100 points and 40 knuts for winning First Place overall in a round;

• 80 points and 30 knuts for winning Second Place overall in a round;

• 60 points and 20 knuts for winning Third Place overall in a round;

• 5 points for voting properly in a challenge. Please read the LIMS voting tutorial on how to vote properly, as LIMS voting is complicated. Improper votes will be disqualified and you will not receive points for them.

All of these points and knuts are additive.

When will the points and knuts be submitted?

Points and knuts will be submitted as soon as possible following the end of a Round, after the winners and participants have been revealed.

The anonymous nature of battle-style LIMS requires that none of the participants' status be revealed until the end, even if they are eliminated in the first challenge. Therefore, all participants must wait until the end of the Round before they may be awarded points and knuts. This also means that we cannot guarantee points being submitted within a specific time frame for a month or for a term.

I joined hogwartsishome in the middle of a Round, how will my points be allocated?

As long as you are a sorted member by the end of the Round, and we have you on record as being in a house (you must inform us), all of the points you earned in the Round will count. Similarly, if you switch houses in the middle of a Round, just let us know so that your points are given to the correct house at the end of the Round. That is, your points will be given to whichever house you are in at the end of the Round.

Can these icons count for points at hogwartsicons?

No. They will have already counted for points in this community, which is an affiliate of hogwartsishome. You may post them at hogwartsicons following the end of the Round, but they will not count for points a second time.

Even if I'm eliminated, will I still earn points for voting?

Of course! The same goes for icon-makers who were disqualified for not submitting an icon when required. However, if an icon-maker is disqualified for breaking rules, they will not receive any points or knuts for the current Round, even if they continue to vote.


If you have any questions, concerns, suggestions, complaints or anything else related to this community, please post it in a comment to this post. A moderator will reply as soon as they are able. If your question and the answer are relevant to the community as a whole, it will be added to the FAQ.

All comments are screened.

Last updated July 20, 2009.
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