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The Battle for Hogwarts
only slightly less dangerous than the dueling club
Round #004; Challenge #12: Results 
27th-Aug-2009 08:56 am
Here are the results for Round #004 Challenge #12, the FINAL RESULTS FOR THE ROUND!!!

Round #004 First Place Winner;

Voldemort aka absolutelybatty of Slytherin with 21 total favourite votes!

Congratulations! absolutelybatty has done spectacularly this round, finishing first out of forty-five contestants!

Round #004 Second Place Winner;

Lucius Malfoy aka mell_o_drama of Gryffindor with 6 total favourite votes!

Congratulations! mell_o_drama has done spectacularly this round, finishing second out of forty-five contestants!

Round #004 Third Place Winner;

Molly Weasley aka jyusan!

Due to an administrative error (I am crap) jyusan was eliminated in the previous Challenge. However, that does not dimish her position as the second runner up. Congratulations for coming third out of forty-five contestants!

Challenge #004;12 Results Tally;

icon #; +favourites (total points)

Theme 1:
[Parental Advisory]
#1 +6
#2 +3

Theme 2:
[Teachers' Day Off]
#3 0
#4 +9

Theme 3:
[Doujinshi Image]
#5 +6
#6 +3

For reference, you can find the voting post HERE.

Round #004 Icon Makers;

This list includes everyone who registered for the round, whether or not they made icons.

Sirius Black: djmayhem_aubrey
Millicent Bulstrode: pack1ife
Cho Chang: chewyyyyyy
Caradoc Dearborn: deadly_lemonade
Fleur Delacour: stolenatalanta
Cedric Diggory: bubba_rum
Antonin Dolohov: supremacy_born
Albus Dumbledore: jackie
Lily Evans: laurahonest
Fawkes: rainchild
Seamus Finnigan: alwaysawkward
Florean Fortescue: fizz_buzz
Morfin Gaunt: cheesephetamine
The Giant Squid: mynamelessname
Goblet of Fire: accountingwitch
Hermione Granger: that_was_cheesy
Astoria Greengrass: miss_un_known
Daphne Greengrass: prunae
Helga Hufflepuff: ladyxmoonlight
Bellatrix Lestrange: enchantedteacup
Neville Longbottom: ginny_lv_harry
Luna Lovegood: katiegsr
Remus Lupin: music_simbol
Abraxas Malfoy: maaiker
Draco Malfoy: jethros_mom
Lucius Malfoy: mell_o_drama
Narcissa Malfoy: senbonzakura77
Scorpius Malfoy: scarletcurls
Minerva McGonagall: jellyfish72
Phineas Nigellus: semi_suble
Mr. Ollivander: wild_sibyl
Peter Pettigrew: omfgerbear
Lily Luna Potter: simeonrun
Augustus Rookwood: silveredaccents
Horace Slughorn: slyfoxesq
Severus Snape: inabsentialuci
Nymphadora Tonks: gerryswenchie
Voldemort: absolutelybatty
Fred Weasley: alight
George Weasley: brownstudies
Ginny Weasley: moony_blues
Molly Weasley: jyusan
Ron Weasley: rhye
Rose Weasley: caramelmilk_t
Roxanne Weasley: arobynsung

All of the critiques and comments will be posted in the upcoming Winners' Showcase so you don't need to ask for them here.

A separate post of all points totals and participation for Round #004 will also be posted soon.

Thank you everyone for your participation and effort!
7th-Sep-2009 09:34 am (UTC)
Thank you for the kind words, and congratulations for coming third. It was a tough battle in the last few challenges ♥
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